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Learn to play piano online

Want to learn to play the piano but struggle to find the time? Our courses will take you from a total beginner to a confident player!
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4 easy-to-follow piano courses

So you can start your musical journey the right way.
My Piano Method has four epic courses designed for anyone looking to learn the piano. Whether you're a beginner player, a rusty player looking to improve and learn something new, or you're looking to take your piano playing to a graded level, we have something for you.
From learning the basics and how to read sheet music, to chord jamming and improvisation, all the way through to a VIP Intensive opportunity if you want to learn to play in a day! Have a browse through our four courses below and see what suits you best!

Beginner to Grade – Basics

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At the end of this  intensive 10-week course, you'll be able to read sheet music, understand chords and scales, and play confidently with two hands. You'll learn basic piano theory and be able to play 9 well-known songs, including the start of Beethoven's 'Fur Elise'.
10 value-packed lessons
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Beginner to Grade – Advanced

Woman learning the piano for beginners course
At the end of of this intensive 10-week course, you'll learn 6 more songs using advanced techniques and learn improvisation with the Circle of Fifths. You'll gain understanding of dynamics, articulation, rhythm and subdivision, and have the tools to sit a graded exam! 
10 value-packed lessons
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Chord Jammer

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This course (coming soon) teaches you how to play the piano with chords and scales (without having to read music), learn your favourite songs, play with other musicians, improvise and even create your own music. Comes with an easy-to-follow eBook! Email us via the link to join the waitlist. 
10 value-packed lessons
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VIP – Learn to play in a day

Michelle Orpe, an online piano teacher, playing her piano.
If you're keen to smash out your piano playing journey and don't want to do a course, then this amazing new VIP Intensive is for you. Learn to play everything from the Chord Jammer course... in a day, with 4 hours one-on-one with Michelle over Zoom. You'll get the benefit of a personalised teaching session, can ask any questions, and troubleshoot the things you're having difficulty with. You'll also receive the Chord Jammer eBook to revisit your learning, and an hour follow-up call a month later. Contact Michelle via the link below to enquire about the VIP Intensive!
10 value-packed lessons
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My Piano Method

The easy way to learn piano properly
Our self-paced, fully supported, online piano courses take you from the very beginning all the way through to becoming a confident piano player, able to learn new songs at your will!

The courses are designed to replicate the feel of a face to face lesson, without the pressure of performing to a teacher weekly.

Using a specialised, visual, teaching technique that simplifies learning, My Piano Method helps you retain what you’ve learned in each lesson to be able to apply to your playing.
 Follow step by step lessons at your own pace
 Great for beginners that have always wanted to learn
 Perfect for rusty players looking to brush up on technique
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What makes My Piano Method different?

The hardest part with learning an instrument online is not being able to see what the teacher is trying to show you. Well... We’ve got that covered.

Full Support

If you are stuck on a lesson you can speak to Michelle through the community facebook page and ask for help.

Visual Learning Aids in Video Lessons

Everything you learn at My Piano Method is described visually on a presentation before we apply it to the piano - so you understand what you need to do before you try it on the piano and apply it to your playing.

Self-paced, Guided Courses

My Piano Method is a supportive and safe place to learn a new instrument without any pressure - the course is self-paced so you can complete it in your own time and reach out for help whenever needed.

Downloadable Cheat Sheets and Practice Guides

With each module you get helpful guidance sheets to reference, and practice plans for each lesson to retain what you’ve learned. You'll never have to worry about what to practice and when, just follow the plan!

Monthly Q&A sessions to troubleshoot any stumbling blocks

The hardest thing with online learning is knowing what to do if you get stuck! With My Piano Method, Michelle runs monthly zoom calls, where you can pre-submit questions or even join her live to explain your problem.

My Piano Method Success Stories

I learned the basics of piano when I was a kid and have always wanted to improve my skills and understand scales and chords better so that I can learn songs more easily and feel confident playing in front of people. This course is amazing! Michelle's teaching style is so clear and easy to follow and I have improved my playing so much since doing the Beginner to Grade course!
Rachel C
woman playing the piano

Learn with a classically trained teacher

Michelle Orpe, teacher at My Piano Method.
With 30 years of piano playing under her belt, Michelle Orpe is a classically trained pianist who has branched out into rock, pop, jazz and blues. This wide range of skills on the keys gives Michelle a well-rounded backgorund for teaching.

After teaching piano face-to-face for many years and with the editing and presenting knowledge from 15 years working as a Television Presenter, Michelle decided to use her mixed skills and launch her own online piano course, especially after hearing from students who had been frustrated with the courses they had tried.

Michelle has created a specialised, visual teaching technique that simplifies learning and helps you retain everything you learn to implement it into your playing.
Meet your online piano teacher

Not sure if My Piano Method is for you?

We’d love to talk you... Contact Michelle directly with any questions you might have about the course and your piano playing journey with My Piano Method.
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