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Michelle Orpe, an online piano teacher, playing her piano.Michelle Orpe, an online piano teacher

Meet your online Piano Teacher

Michelle’s background in piano playing, teaching and TV presenting has enabled her to create an easy-to-follow tutorial platform. Perfect for beginners and rusty players.
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It all started at the age of 11

When I had to pick: Sports.... or Piano!
You can guess which one I chose! I started out with classical piano lessons with the local piano teacher at the village I grew up in, near Cambridge.

My mum was an organ player for the local church, and we had an old piano that she used to play. Not everyone has a piano in their house, so I was very lucky!
Whilst all my other sisters were off at sports practice, I would be on the piano, putting into practice what I’d learned in my most recent lesson.

As I got older, I stuck with the instrument and made my way through classical grades, onto rock school and most recently, got into jazz and the blues!

From a student... to an online piano teacher

As someone that has started from scratch and played for years, all the way through to the skilled piano teacher I am today, I know what you need to be successful in your piano playing journey.
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Practice, practice, practice

The only way to improve is to put the time in, this is why I’ve included daily practice plans.
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Visual note cues

So you can see the note you’re playing on the sheet as well as where your fingers should be.
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Monthly Zoom Q&As

Because we all get stuck, and there’s nothing worse than figuring it out on your own.
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Self-paced courses

Life is busy and sometimes it’s hard to find time. You can do our courses with no pressure.
Check out the courses we've created at My Piano Method to help you learn to play piano confidently!
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Why you can trust me to teach you piano

I’ve been playing the piano for 30 years now and this beautiful instrument is one of my life’s greatest joys. As the quote goes, ‘Music is the universal language of the soul,’ and once you can lose yourself on the keys, I have no doubt you will totally agree.

How I came to be an online piano teacher

I’m trained in a range of techniques - classical, pop, rock, jazz and the blues - which influence my teaching style. This gives me a rounded approach, so I know what works to improve your skills.

I also teach piano one-on-one in my local town, so I hear (and see!) the issues my students come across as they play. This allows me to apply the solutions to my course, to make sure I’m covering all bases when it comes to learning piano.
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My Piano Method Success Stories

I have never played a musical instrument and always wanted to try the piano. I'm now retired and thought I'd give it a go. I signed up for Michelle's course and have almost finished Module 1. 

I can play with both hands already and recently played Happy Birthday for my grandchildren. Highly recommend.
Peter O

Want to check out the beginner course details?

I’ve put together a breakdown of the curriculum of what you’ll learn in my beginner course, so you can decide if it's a journey that works for you as you learn the piano
Beginner to grade course

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