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Piano ResOurces

Handy tools and guides to help you on your piano playing journey
After teaching piano face-to-face for many years, Michelle understands what beginner piano players might struggle with, and the types of tools and guides that will help you learn faster and maintain the skills you need.
Browse our free and paid piano resources here to kick start your piano journey, from a taster lesson, to chord and scale cheat sheets, with downloadable PDFs that you can print and reference as you play!

Free Beginner Piano Lesson

The Beginner Piano Lesson is a perfect 20-minute taster for you to see my piano teaching style and learn how to play along to 100 pop songs.
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Chord Formula Cheat Sheet

The Chord Formula Cheat Sheet helps you work out any chord instantly with an easy to remember formula and fantastic reference images!
yamaha piano keys

Full Piano Chord Chart

The Piano Chord Chart is a quick and easy reference for all the chords you're likely to come across in your beginner piano playing as well as value-packed extras!
*Prices are in USD. 

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